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SEAB Marine is a company in the marine industry specialized on electrical installations. We are located in Gothenburg, the heart of the Scandinavian shipping industry and we have been in the market for +25 years. Installations can be carried out anywhere in the World through our extensive network of Partners.

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Engine Room Ventilation Control (ERVC)

Our standardized automated ERVC system is using all Engine Room fans at all time in order to reduce the resistance of the airflow and consequently, at the same time reducing the speed of the fan motors. In this way the energy consumption will be reduced considerably and great cost savings will be achieved. As a bonus, the noise level will also be reduced and the environment in the machine room will improve.


Now when BNWAS has become compulsory for all vessels above 150 GT, our DMA system will be an important part of the increased safety that will be a result of the new regulations from IMO. SEAB Marine is proud to be a major supplier of our BNWAS system called DMA, probably having the most modern BNWAS system on the Market.

Benefits of the DMA system:

Touch Screen operated • Easy to operate • PLC based • Cost effective • Easy to install • +20 years of experience • Very high quality • Certified by DNV • Suppliers all around the world

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