We have a goal, to deliver the most modern and cost-effectiv BNWAS solutions in the world.

Our Control Unit DMA-105 is prefabricated and tested in our factory. This considerably reduces the installation time onboard the ship and gives the Master the greatest comfort that everything is correctly done. The DMA is certified by "Det Norske Veritas" (DNV).

Control Unit DMA-105

Product Information / DMA-105

We have prefabricated our Control Unit DMA-105 to be both time and cost-effective. The product makes it fast and easy for your technician to install. It's tested in our factory to give greatest comfort to the Master that everything is done correctly. The system is powered by 2 separate 24VDC and has built in redundancy. Our DMA is certified by "Det Norske Veritas" (DNV).

Steel Cabinet DMA-118

Product Information / DMA-118

If there isn't enough space under the pulpit, we have a cabinet for wall mounting that perfectly fits the DMA-105. This is called DMA-118 Steel Cabinet and it comes installed and ready to use. The Touch Screen is mounted in the door and it comes with 15 glands for the incoming cables. The buzzer has an extended cable and can easily be mounted on the outside of the cabinet if higher sound level is required.

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 12cm

Additional Equipment

And a typical Standard BNWAS System from SEAB Marine could consist of following components:
1 x DMA-105 Control Unit (Touch Panel, PLC, Communication cable, Redundancy module and Buzzer)
2 x DMA-106 Reset Units
4-6 DMA-107 Alarm Units

DMA-106P Reset Unit

On the touch screen is one reset button. For convenience, when the bridge is big, it can be necessary to install 1-2 additional Reset Units. We have 2 different alternatives, one of them is:
• DMA-106P to be mounted in the pulpit.

DMA-106B/W Reset Unit

This is our second alternative of reset buttons:
• DMA-106B/W that can be mounted on the bulk-head both inside as well as on the outer wings since it has protection rating IP66.

DMA-107 Alarm Units

In the cabins of the Captain, the 1:st, 2:nd and 3:rd Officers as well as in the Common Crew area, alarm units has to be installed. We use the same unit for all places.

DMA-108 Junction Boxes

Our junction box is prepared with a terminal and glands for easy connection of the Alarm Units.

DMA-119 Motion Sensor

A Motion Sensor, when permitted, is very convenient for the OOW. Our motion sensor covers up to 12 m and is of PIR type.

BNWAS Power Net Unit
Power net unit

The system needs to be powered by two separate 24VDC. If this is not available we can supply 1-2 power net unit/s that convert 100-240VAC to 24VDC.

Cables for installation

We can supply cables needed for installation. For simplicity, we recommend a 2x2x0,75 sqmm cable on the bridge, a 1x2x0,75 sqmm cable for connection of the alarms on the accommodation deck and also a shorter piece of 7x2x0,75 sqmm between the bridge and the accommodation deck.

Total turn-key
Total turn-key

We can through our own technicians or with highly qualified technicians in a network of companies that we co-operate with, do complete installation and commissioning anywhere in the World.


bnwas cable layout preview
Detailed cable layout

For a full preview of a BNWAS DMA cable layout could look like click here.

DMA product presentation

For DMA product presentation as a PDF, click here.

DMA-105 online demo

Try our online demo of the DMA-105 interface and functions, click here.

DMA Presentation Video

Watch our short presentation video of the DMA:
- Youtube
- High Resolution 1080p
- Medium Resolution 720p
- Low Resolution 540p
To download right click and choose "Save target as".

BNWAS information

Get more information about Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm Systems on our about page, click here.

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