How much money have you NOT saved today? Every day without ERVC is a lost day!

Automatic temperature and pressure control with our engine room ventilation control (ERVC).
Most ships still operate without temperature and pressure control for the ventilation of the engine rooms. We supply pre-programmed, fully standardized kits with all necessary equipment, in order to reduce the energy consumption from the ventilation fans.

ERVC - Engine Room Ventilation Control

Great investment

Investing in our ERVC system, the ship will make this one of the best investments ever! Savings up to 40% of the energy for the ventilation has been achieved on projects with: Stena Saga; 33 967 GT and Carnival Miracle; 88 500 GT. Power requirement varies as the cube of the speed, so the slower the fan speed - the less energy required. A fan running at 80% speed will consume only 50% of the power of a fan running at full speed. At 50% fan speed, power consumption is only 16%. If you do not have demand control of the ventilation rate, the ship’s crew will regulate the amount of air drawn into the engine room by selecting to start or stop fans serving this area. Less energy is used to transport a certain air-quantity via all the available supply ducts rather than fewer.

The components of the ERVC system

ERVC - Parts

  • - VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) units, one for each fan
  • - Pressure sensor
  • - Temperature sensor/s
  • - Cabinets and cable
  • - Optional is a touch screen to be placed in the engine control room, providing the ship’s crew with a user friendly graphical interface with alarms and settings.


ERVC product presentation

For ERVC product presentation as a PDF, click here.