We have launched a new type of product, the Tank Warning Alarm (TWA).

The system will provide a new and safer workplace. We know working in the ships tanks can be risky, the tank warning alarm will minimize the risks and provide a better working environment for the crew.

Tank Warning Alarm overview


The TWA system is developed to dramatically increase the safety when entering enclosed spaces aboard ships, IMO Resolution A.1050(27) TWA is a system for communication between the Bridge (OOW) and the operator in enclosed spaces aboard ships. It allows the operator in the tanks to call for help if need is and also for the OOW at the Bridge to see that there are movements in the enclosed space. The OOW can also call for evacuation, if that should be needed. The TWA system consists of three parts: The Control Unit TWA-1001, The Alarm Unit TWA-1003 and a Voltage Converter TWA-1002. These parts make a complete Tank Warning Alarm System and have to be connected via cables.



  • - The Control Unit is equipped with:
  • - The unit has a built in Touch Screen for the operation.
  • - On/Off - Setting of Alarm Delay – Backlight - Showing remaining time
  • - “Order to evacuate”: The EVACUATE button on the Control unit will set off the dedicated siren and the flasher on the Alarm unit, showing EVACUATE.
  • - “Dead Man’s Alarm”: When system is activated, there is a timer counting down 12 minutes (settable 2-12 minutes). When the time has expired, the flasher will switch on at the Alarm unit. After another 30 seconds the buzzer on the Control unit will sound as well as the siren on the Alarm unit. Released alarm is reset by pushing button on Alarm unit or on the Control unit. Timer is restarting upon pressing the pushbutton shortly or moving in front of the Motion Sensor on the Alarm unit.


  • The Alarm Unit is equipped with:
  • - Motion Sensor to acknowledge that there are movements around the unit.
  • - A flasher and a siren to get the operators attention.
  • - A reset and emergency call button. “Emergency call”: By holding the reset button on the Alarm Unit for 3 seconds, the buzzer will sound in the Control unit. This way the operator can call for attention.
  • - A strong siren and a flashing EVACUATE in case the OOW wants the operator to evacuate.
  • - The whole unit is fixed to the bulkhead with magnets.
  • - Prepared for working light that is fixed in different positions with the help of magnets (optional).


  • - The Voltage Converter is to be placed at the manhole on the deck above the enclosed area in order to supply the Alarm Unit with 24VDC.
  • - Keep contact between the Control Unit and the Alarm Unit.


  • - Communication cables, 25 m each, with connectors.
  • - Working light, 2 pcs, LED with magnets.
  • - Wireless communication.
Working Light

- Working light, 2 pcs, LED with magnets.


TWA product presentation

For TWA product presentation as a PDF, click here.

TWA - Tank Warning Alarm

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